Tesla says it will help police investigate a fatal accident in China.

On Sunday, the U.S. car company Tesla (TSLA.O) said it will help Chinese police investigate a crash involving one of its Model Y cars. Local media said that two people died and three others were hurt when the driver lost control of the car.

Jimu News posted a video of a car driving fast into other cars and a cyclist on November 5 in the southern province of Guangdong. A motorcyclist and a high school girl died in the accident.

“Police are looking for a third-party appraisal agency to find out what really happened in this accident, and we will help in any way we can,” Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company told Reuters in a message on Sunday, warning people not to believe “rumors.”

China is Tesla’s second-biggest market, and the crash was one of the most talked-about things on Weibo on Sunday.

Traffic police in Chaozhou city told Jimu News that they didn’t know what caused the accident, and an unnamed family member of the driver told Jimu News that the 55-year-old had problems with the brake pedal when he was about to pull over in front of his family’s store.

Tesla said that videos showed that the car’s brake lights weren’t on when it was going fast and that the car’s data showed problems like there being no action to step on the brakes during the trip.

On Sunday, no one picked up the phone when people called the police in Raoping, the county where the accident happened.

In China, people have said that Tesla’s brakes have failed before.

According to a Reuters report, a Chinese court has ordered a Tesla owner to publicly apologize and pay damages for damaging the company’s reputation by making false statements to the media about problems with his vehicle’s brakes.

Last year, a dissatisfied customer caused a stir on social media when she climbed on top of a Tesla at the Shanghai auto show to protest how the company handled her complaints about broken brakes that led to a car accident.

The woman’s crash, Tesla claimed, was due to speeding violations, but the company committed to improving its response to consumer complaints.



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